General settings tab under the Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO menu link will let you configure general aspects of the plugin. Most of them are self explanatory, but here you can read more about any of them:

  • Cloak Links. If this option is activated, the affiliate links generated ( except from Amazon ) will be cloaked. Instead of displaying the long affiliate links, they will be shortened and will look like: . If your generated links are not working after cloaking then disable this feature and contact us to help you to solve this issue.
  • Add Links on homepage. If this option is active, links will be generated even when posts are displayed in a list on your blog homepage, category, tags, archive and search result pages. If you activate this feature and affiliate links are still not appearing on the homepage of your blog then probably the theme that you are using is generating a summary of the articles in a different way than the standard in wordpress.
  • Target. If this is set to “New Window” then all the affiliate links will open in a new window when clicked. If this is set to “Same Window” then the links will open in the same window ( your readers will leave your page when click on affiliate links )
  • Relation. If it is set to “nofollow” all affiliate links will have the rel=”nofollow” attribute and link juice will not be passed from your website to the affiliate links.
  • Link Frequency. This will set the link frequency of the generated links. If you think that there are too few links generated, increase it to a higher value. Please not that the maximum the plugin will add is a link inside every paragraph, due to readability issues. If there is another link inside the same paragraph, the plugin will try to add another link.
  • Exclude Posts. If you want certain posts to not show generated links, you will have to add their ids in a list, separated by comma.