I have started to work on this plugin in January 2011, as a result of my frustration that despite I got a lot of traffic to my blogs, I was unable to generate enough money because ad networks paid too low and manually adding affiliate links to the content was very slow.

The solution that Wp Auto Affiliate Links provide is to automatically add affiliate links in the content, in a super easy way where almost no work is required. The affiliate links added can be replaced website-wide with very few clicks, and affiliate marketers will never worry about dead affiliate links, merchants switching affiliate networks, adding links to old content, removing links, etc.

When I started my blogs I was not thinking that I will get the most of the money from affiliate marketing and I only added affiliate links to the content only in few posts. After I started to get traffic to my blogs I was starting to generate money from those affiliate links and I knew that the best I can do is to add affiliate links in every blog post. However, at that point, I had few hundred of articles and it took me maybe a week to find and add affiliate links.

I started to add affiliate links in the most popular articles, and the revenue started to increase, however, after about 1 year, most of the merchants I had relations with moved to another affiliate network, closed, or changed their payment structure, and most of them was not working anymore. Every once in a while I get notified that a merchant closes or moves. At that point I had to go to all of the posts of my blog and change the affiliate links. It was painful.

That was the moment when I decided that I have to automate this process. The idea is to minimize the effort while the results are bigger. The image I had in mind at that point is of a plugin where I hit some buttons and all the content is populated with active affiliate links. Then, with the power of a click to remove the old links and add new ones.

After 2 and a half years of work, Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO 2.0 is doing exactly what it was purposed to do when I started working on it: Saving weeks of work by automatically adding affiliate links in all the content.

Why Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO is the best solution for blogs:

  • Ad Networks are paying very low
  • Blogs usually have a lot of articles
  • Generate revenue from old blog posts too
  • Having active affiliate links all the time
  • Save time so you can focus on writing quality content
  • Add termporary campaigns without worry that you have to remove the links later.

There are much more benefits for using Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO, because it smartly adds affiliate links inside your content, fully automated. The links are not effectively added in the database, your articles remain intact. They are added when a post is displayed. It works with amazon, clickbank, shareasale and any other affiliate network you have a relationship with.



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