WordPress Auto Affiliate Links is a wordpress plugin, so it requires you to have a wordpress based blog or website, with content on it. The only requirements is a WordPress installed ( version 2.9 and up ). The plugin will add your own links. You will earn money directly from your affiliate network or merchant you are a member of ( Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, any other custom merchant or affiliate network ). Your own links will be displayed and you get all the credit.


  • Directly from your website admin panel, go to "Plugins -> Add new" menu and search for "wp auto affiliate links". Alternatively, or if you hosting does not allow direct installation of plugins, you can go to wordpress plugin directory and download the plugin files. With the plugin archive you can upload it directly in your wordpress admin panel or to upload it trough a FTP connection into your wp-content/plugins/ folder of your wordpress installation. ( The plugin files should be inside the wp-auto-affiliate-links-pro/ folder under plugins/ , as they are in the archive )
  • If you have any previous versions of the plugin you should either upgrade to the latest version from "Plugins" section of admin panel or to disable and remove the old version.
  • Go to your wordpress admin panel, on Plugins menu, browse trough your available plugins and press “Activate” link under Wp Auto Affiliate Links.
  • Installation is complete. On the left sidebar or your website administration panel you will see a menu section called: "Wp Auto Affiliate Links". There is where you start. If you mouse over the menu section you will see the whole plugin menu.
  • If you want to use the premium features ( Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale automated linking ), you have to go to "Activate PRO features" menu under "Wp Auto Affiliate Links", and follow the instructions to get an API Key and activate it.

Upgrading from another version of Wp Auto Affiliate Links.

If you had another version of Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO installed, you will have to disable the plugin first, then copy the files trough FTP overwriting the old files, and then activate the plugin back.

Basic Usage.

  • To start using the plugin, after the installation click on the Wp Auto Affiliate Links menu on the left sidebar of your admin panel. On that page you can add affiliate links along with the keyphrases where you want the links to be added by the plugin. Add at least several links on keywords that frequently appear in your content. If you want to add the same links to more keywords then in the Keywords input separate them with comma (,). The links should appear on same page so you can edit or remove them individually.
  • If you want to use the PRO features, you first need to go to "Activate PRO features" submenu and request an API key. The API key will let your plugin to connect to our servers where the data is processed and Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale links are generated based on your content. The processing is done on our servers to move the high load away from your website and to prevent any compatibility issue with your server configuration. After you add a valid API key, 3 more submenus will appear: "Amazon Links", "Clickbank Links", and "Shareasale Links". To activate any of it, you should go to the specific submenu, add your affiliate id, select subcategories and change the dropdown menu to "Active". If you don't want that module to be active then select "Inactive" from the drop-down menu and press "Save".
  • If you want the link to be not shown on specific posts, you can exclude them from "Exclude Posts" submenu.

Troubleshooting .

  • The plugin settings page is scrambled/everything is unreadable. First, hit refresh as your browser cache might prevent some elements to load. Then make sure that all the files were transferred to the server and there was no warning message from your FTP client. If nothing works then it might be a conflict with another plugin you have installed. Contact us for more information.
  • No links are added to the content. In this case, make sure that you have configured at least 1 affiliate network or that you have added at least few dozens of links that the plugin can work with. If you still can't see any link then contact us.
  • Error/Warning messages appear all over your blog front-end. In this case, disable the plugin and let us know about your problem.
  • I cannot get back into the administration panel to disable the plugin. If for any unexpected reason the plugin causes an error that lock you out from your administration panel, then delete all the plugin files trough FTP and let us know about this so we can fix it.