WP Auto Affiliate Links PRO

As you may know, display advertising does not work so good on blogs or websites with rich content, and the best way to generate revenue is trough affiliate links, where you get comissions by promoting products. WP Auto Affiliate Links will automate the adding of links inside your content. It will automatically retreive affiliate links from amazon, clickbank and shareasale and add them inside your content so you can generate revenue. You can also manually add links trough a datafeed or by entering them one by line. Then, the plugin will decide on which words the links will be placed on all your posts or pages.


WP Auto Affiliate Links Basic

Affiliate links work best for blogs, but you do not have time to add links inside every article you written. With Wp Auto Affiliate Links Basic you can add affiliate links, along with the keywords selected from your articles where you want your links to be displayed. Your visitors will see the links and you will generate revenue if they purchase anything.