Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO Video Demonstration

There has been some time since we have released Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO and we are happy with the results so far. To make it easier for the users to understand it, I have compiled a video demonstrating how it works. Enjoy!.


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  1. does this software type the content as well or I HAVE TO TYPE an entire article to place the links with your softwARE.

    • Lucian Apostol

      Hello. The plugin will not create content for you. It is for blogs that already have content on it. The links will be added to the current content. For what you want, you can use a plugin that will create content.

  2. micheleficara

    is possible to link at amazon.it ?

    • Lucian Apostol

      Hello. Right now we have options to select the local version of Amazon store that you want to display links for.

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