Yesterday, 20, March, 2012 our awesome plugin reached the milestone of 10,000 downloads from the wordpress plugin directory. Our downloads increased after we released the version 2.3 on Monday, where we added the ability to cloack links, and fixed some minor bugs.

With this update, the links shown on any website using Auto Affiliate Links will be cloacked, adding query variable 'goto' in your page url. When a user click the link he will be directed to the affiliate link that is set into the management page. This feature was added with the contribution from Jos Steenbergen.

I wanted to thank you all for testing the plugin and special thanks for those who sent me feedback.

Our short term plans is to add some more functionalities to the plugin. Among the features that we plan to add are:

  • Adding support for special characters and other languages
  • We will fetch the affiliate link added and based on the title of the plugin will try to find relevenat keywords from your content where link should be placed.
  • Adding a maximum number of links to be added in each paragraph



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